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  • When will my order be shipped?
    I'm a small business which operates as a party of one, so please allow a week from the time of purchase to your items being dispatched, and up to two at busier times!
  • How do I get in touch?
    Hi! You can send me an email through the site in the Contact section, or send me a message through instagram.
  • My order is a gift - can I make sure it's prioritised?
    Yes! Get in touch with me through an email or an instagram message, and let me know when you need your items to arrive - I'll do my best to package and send it off ASAP, but please be aware that postage will still take the usual amount of time, so allow for that when ordering!
  • Is there a way to purchase a print that isn't currently listed within the shop?
    Yes! I will be regularly updating the shop's contents, so if it's a case that the item isn't featured right now, it may be available shortly. That said, if there's a particular piece you'd like to buy and you don't see it featured, please send me an email or a message through my instagram, and we can discuss options!
  • What do I do if I recieve my order and it arrives damaged?
    Orders are safely packaged and shouldn't be harmed during transit, however accidents do happen, so if you recieve your order and find it has been damaged, please don't hesitate to reach out through an email or an instagram message and let me know. You will be asked to provide a photo of the damage to the products. I can't offer a refund, but can offer a replacment of the damaged product/s. For further information, visit the My Policies page located in the Menu bar.
  • Will I be charged customs on my order?
    I currently operate within the EU, so customs may be charged for customers outside this region. Customs charges are typically approxiamatley 20% of the cost of the total order. For further information, please visit the My Policies page located in the Menu bar, and check out the Customs Information section.
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